Bit by the 'Rug Bug'

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Looking to purchase an area rug for your home?  It seems as though area rugs are available just about everywhere from traditional stores to discount stores.  In my area, there are vendors selling area rugs on busy street corners almost every weekend!

Never before have there been so many options available – all shapes, sizes, colors and designs.  It’s overwhelming!

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Before I started selling rugs I had no clue. At home we have several beautiful antique hand knotted wool rugs scattered throughout the house. I never really appreciated the value or beauty until I started selling rugs, and educating myself on these beautiful pieces of art.  In other words, I got bit by the ‘rug bug’. 

Often times, the starting point or inspiration piece for a design project has been the rug. 

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This customer inherited this exquisite Persian rug from her parents, who had purchased it over 50 years ago while they lived abroad.  All of our fabric choices for the bedding and window treatment designs were based on the design and vibrant colors in this gorgeous rug.



Before you go out to purchase a rug for your home, you should know the differences between the types of rugs. It helps if you know what you’re buying especially with regard to price. Here are some basic differences  to help you navigate the purchase.


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Hand knotted rugs are usually more expensive than hand tufted or machine made rugs.  They are created entirely by hand, using natural materials, and are woven on a loom.  The natural materials used to make these include wool, silk and cotton.  The basic rug making method has not changed for centuries. These are true investment pieces.




Hand tufted rugs are created by inserting wool into a fixed grid, either by a special hand tool, or by a machine.  Latex is applied to lock in the fibers and  a backing is applied onto the latex. 



Lastly machine made (also called power loomed) are created entirely by machine.  The less expensive ones (usually found at the big box discount and home improvement stores) are made with synthetic fibers, and the middle and upper grades with wool.

Everybody’s style is different so I carry an extensive line of rugs from traditional to contemporary. Price points vary and there is one for every budget. Stop by and bring a picture of your room, a snip of fabric, a pillow or a painting. We’ll find something that you love.


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