Spring Cleaning – yay or nay????

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Now that the calendar says spring, how many of you have started the annual ritual of spring cleaning?????  Sounds like a good idea!!!  But why do we choose spring to take care of these extra chores?  And who came up with the idea that we needed to clean our homes when spring arrives?  Here are some possible origins of spring cleaning, do you know of any others you could share with us?

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In the 19th century in America, March was often the best time for dusting.  The March winds would carry the dust out of the house.   It was warm enough to open the window and doors, but not warm enough for insects to be a problem.

In the Persian culture Norouz is the celebration of the New Year, which falls on the first day of spring.  Persians consider Norouz as their biggest celebration of the year, and prepare for the 13 day celebration by cleaning their house and buying new clothes.

In preparation of the Jewish celebration of Passover, followers engage in an intensive process of chametz.  In other words a full out spring cleaning search and destroy mission to rid the home of any food that’s made of grain and water that has been allowed to ferment and rise.  Bread, cereal, cake, cookies, pizza, pasta are some examples.

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My first spring cleaning job will be to clean my windows inside and out!!  Years ago I discovered this great product by Mister Clean for my outside windows.  It was actually for washing cars, but I used it on my windows.  You connect a special nozzle with a filter, to your garden hose, and fill the container with a special soap and rinse and wash the windows in ¼ of the time it normally takes.  Unfortunately they don’t make the product, the filter or the liquid soap anymore!!!  I’ll still use the nozzle, but use a different brand of liquid car wash soap.

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It is also a great time to clean out my closet – UGHHHHHHH.  It currently looks like a tornado went through it.  I’m going to have to have a couple glasses of wine to tackle this project.  My rule is everything that I have not worn in the past year will be donated. 

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What about you??  Will you be doing any spring cleaning projects?

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