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We all need an inspiration piece to start a room design.  It could be a piece of fabric, painting, rug, or a picture from a magazine.  Maybe it’s an image captured while travelling. Our options are ENDLESS!!!  One of my favorite rooms of all time, is my daughter Erin’s bedroom.

Erin loved to dance when she was younger, loved tutus and anything that was associated with ballerinas.   This photograph was our inspiration.  It is one of my favorites – Erin at 3 years old with Miss Alice at The Dance Center . 


As the most strong willed, independent, and artistic of my three girls, she was very involved in the design process.  We decided to use shades of grey, (this was 2010, before the grey trend) white and burgundy.  The burgundy was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, and the white was inspired by the tulle in a ballerina’s tutu.  And here it is!!!!!


We made Floppy Top drapery panels, out of a grey dupioni silk, with black welting, and crystal tulle on the bottom 30″.  The pillow shams were made out of the same fabric, and the coverlet is from the Pearl collection from Matouk.  I absolutely LOVE her room, and most importantly Erin LOVES it too!!!!

Now over to you – I would love to know where you have found your  inspiration pieces for design projects in your home????? 



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