Window Treatments – Do’s and Don’ts

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Window treatments not only complete the room, but they are a great way to add glamour and personality. They are a wonderful opportunity to introduce a beautiful fabric and a unique design that frames the windows. It is important to remember they are one of the main things you’ll see within the space, so before you head out to make a purchase take a look at some of these do’s and don’ts.


Line all window treatments with a good quality lining fabric. Read about the importance of lining window treatments here.



Hang your drapery hardware as close to ceiling as possible to elongate windows and add visual height to the room.

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Small windows will appear larger if you expand the width of the top treatment and hang drapery panels to cover up the wall space.




Do incorporate different fabric textures and patterns in your treatments. It will bring dimension and interest to the window.


And lastly, always remember to measure twice.



Don’t neglect to add the right hardware. Your rods and finials should complement the fabric and the room.



In high traffic areas, stay away from puddling your drapery panels. The fabric will get destroyed and you will be constantly re-puddling.   Extra fabric on the ground is also an invitation for animal beds, so if you have any small pets, be aware.



Draperies should skim the floor, but never be higher. When drapes are too short they look truncated. If you are buying ready made drapery panels, it is better to buy a longer length, and have them hemmed.

Never block your view – window treatments should frame the view.


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Don’t forget about the decorative details. Drapery trimmings are the jewelry of the room. Trim can make any window treatment look even better.



The amount of fabric used for draperies need to be proportional to the size of the window.   Don’t skimp on your fabric. If you have a wide window in most cases a single width drapery panel is not going to be enough.

And lastly don’t ignore your fabric repeat!!! The pretty floral or paisley on the fabric should line up all the way across the top treatment , and on the drapery panels.

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Now over to you – what are some of your do’s and don’ts of window treatments?????




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