Do you have a Cluttered Desk?


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I  like to think I am creative, at least that is the excuse I am going to use when it comes to my desk at Orange. My desk is what some would consider a disorganized mess….and they would be correct. Although I do know where everything is in my office lately is was getting harder to get to items quickly. So this week it was time to reclaim my work space!


A cluttered desk, whether at the office or at home, can lead to a loss of productivity, loss of business, time and money. There is only so much room on a desk and when cluttered with papers, files, mail, receipts, books, catalogs, office supplies, and endless post it notes it is certain to bring on some frustration. But, with a little effort you can bring some organization and calm to your workspace!


First clear everything off by placing in like piles – all the papers together, office supplies, mail…you get the picture. Look back at your cleared desk and be inspired to keep it clear of anything that is not necessary.

Next, identify the clutter items and create a home for them. Think about what you really need close by and what can be filed or stored. If you have drawers in your desk put in a divider to separate office supplies, get file boxes or folders and label pending or completed. Do you have a designated spot for your mail? A decorative box on your desk works lovely. Now think how do you work in your space? Do you have a trash can or recycle bin handy? Note pad by your phone for messages?

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In this tech age everyone has their calendars on their phones, iPad and computers. Yes, I do too, but sometimes forget to look at them. Having a calendar or bulletin board on the wall is still key for me as well as a notebook. I can just glance at it and know what is coming up and feel more on top of things.

Have an idea board by your desk. Place photos of rooms that inspire you, vacation spots, or whatever your passion might be. It is fun to work on and keeps your goals in the forefront!

Home office inspiration board

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It shouldn’t be complicated, a simple desk, a spot for your computer and place for the essentials…Make it pleasant with a flower vase, a favorite book, photo of family/friends, a good task lamp and how about a memento from a special vacation that will help you look forward to the next one!

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I am feeling more invigorated now with my clean desk, but with all this energy it may not take too long for it to be covered again!

Let me know what your desk dilemmas are or share your ideas to keep your space organized and a happy spot!




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