I’m Back!!!!



Hopefully, by now you have received my letter announcing –  Tassels has moved to my home!!!  With all three girls gone I just couldn’t leave Bob home alone 6 days a week. I expanded my studio in our house to include more design space and brought my fabric books, trims and samples home.

It’s week 3 and it’s going quite well. Since I don’t need to worry about manning the store my appointment times are even more flexible and I am spending more time with my clients and Bob.


Bubby is happy I’m home too 🙂

In the coming weeks, I’ll be updating my web site with new pictures and available product information. I’m carrying all the same great lines and planning to bring on a few more.


The CR Laine furniture line has been such a big hit. This week I have 4 beautiful chairs coming in. Two chairs are soft caramel leather for a client’s family room and there are another two in a creamy neutral for a formal living room I’m freshening up. I’m going to have a hard time parting with any of them!

I’m booked for my October trip to the High Point Furniture market, and I’m mapping out my plan of attack to ensure that I see all the latest fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, lighting and rugs. Let me know if there is anything specific for which you want me to shop.

Happy August!


P.S. Cell and office numbers remain the same

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