Jewelry for the Home

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Trimmings on your window treatments, furniture and pillows are the jewels of your home. Trim is no different than your rings, bracelets and earrings. It’s all a personal expression of who you are and what you wish to share. Some of us love “bling” and others are more understated.

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No matter what your personal preference there are literally thousands of options for your home. I love trim and have at one time or another used every type and color. In my dining room I have Greek key tape trim. I just love it.  For my family room I trimmed silk Ikat pillows with brush fringe. It’s casual and fits our family’s style.

Think about the rooms in your house and how you might change them up with beaded trim, fringe, tassels etc.

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I love the way tassel trim hangs from the leading edge of a drapery panel.  It makes a simple and tailored treatment come alive with color and personality.  Adding tassel trim to pillows adds whimsy to your décor!

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Brush fringe adds great texture to a pillow!

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Beaded fringe catches the light and adds sparkle to the room!

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Cording is used on cornices, pillows, coverlets, and top treatments to give a tailored edge.


Bullion gives a piece of furniture or table cover a formal look.

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Tape trim can be used down the leading edges of a drapery panel to add a splash of unexpected color!

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There are very few rules with trimmings so experiment, don’t be afraid. Look at your clothes and jewelry for ideas. Step out of the box and find something fun or take the more understated route like me.

Stop by any time to see what I have on the studio shelves or thumb through one of my many trim books.

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