Top Window Treatments for 2013 – Part 3


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It’s that time of the year again – time to pack up the holiday decorations!  All the trees, wreaths, lights, ornaments, stockings, nut crackers will get carefully boxed up and stored away until next holiday season.

I don’t know about you, but my house always feels a little empty and sparse after the decorations are put away.  And it is always at this time of the year, I get the “bug” to do a little re-decorating. 

Needless to say – my favorite place to start is the WINDOWS!

Drapery panels and roman shades were the top two window treatments we designed and installed this past year, you can read about them here and here.   The third most popular treatment in 2013 is cornices.

Cornices have been very popular this year for several reasons.  One, they tend to be more economical in price. Compared to other top treatments, less fabric is used.


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Two, cornices can blend in to any décor style.  From a very traditional room like this

DSC_1413Tassels Interiors

…to a more contemporary setting.


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They also tend to have cleaner lines and less detail than other top treatments.  This year I have witnessed a “less is more” or “minimalistic” style of decorating everywhere.  Editing and purging have become a fun weekend project among many.  I myself can attest to this.  Over this holiday break my kitchen cabinets and closets have been emptied, cleaned and edited.

Several of our designs have included a banding, both at the top and the bottom.  A real popular style has been this one –


The medallion was cut from another fabric then attached to the face of the cornice.  The cornice has a three dimensional look because the medallion is actually has padding behind, so it is raised.

Here are a few more examples of cornices from Pinterest.  I love the creative shapes of these cornices over the beds.


I love the trim detail on these cornices!  (BTW – we have this drapery fabric in our store)



And no post is complete without a beautiful image from one of my favorites – Phoebe Howard!


What are some of your 2014 projects?  We would love to hear what you have planned for the New Year!

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