Part 2 – Barb's Top Window Treatments for 2013



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Back again with our most popular window treatments in 2013!!  Last week we talked about drapery panels  (click here to read the post) as being one of the most favorite window treatments this year.  The number two treatment for 2013 is roman shades!

In 2013, roman shades were a very popular treatment for many of our customers.   We designed and installed hundreds!!  Roman shades can easily fit into any décor style.  They are a clean and simple look for a more contemporary setting.  And can be combined with a top treatment or drapery panels in a very traditional environment. 



 via Pinterestromanpinktrad

via Pinterest

Roman shades can be both functional and non-functional. In most cases functional shades provide the privacy needed, and also protection from the outside elements.DSC_1803Tassels Interiors 

Non-functional or decorative roman shades have permanent pleats on the bottom.  Or they can be made with  stationary pleats on the entire face of the treatment like this one.  (I love the animal print roman shade on the door – it is so much fun!)


Tassels Interiors

Roman shades have been a staple in my current and past homes for 25 years.  I remember living in Sylvania, Ohio making roman shades on the floor of our basement.  Meghan was just an infant, so I would sneak downstairs when she was napping.  My finished shade was not  quite as sophisticated as our workroom, I sewed small plastic rings on the liner in the back, then attached cording to operate the shade. 

Here is a great tutorial if you would like to try this project yourself.  Kristi Linauer from Addicted 2 Decorating does a great job of giving you step by step instructions to complete a roman.

Here are some other great images of roman shades, I found on Pinterest.  This is one of my most favorite pictures of a creative roman shade and top treatment.  Both the topper and the shade are the same fabric from Kravet


Love the linen shades – perfect for a casual water front home.


My favorite color room!!!  Love the Greek Key trim on the shades!


Are roman shades one of your favorite window treatments?  I would love to hear how many of you have them in your home now!

And what do you think is the third most popular treatment for 2013?  I’ll give you a hint – they start with a “c”. 

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