What's on your nightstand?

I like to think I am organized and have a place for everything.  That is not always the case, where did I lay those keys again?  That is until it comes to bedtime.  I want all my necessities right on my bedside table.  My favorite items to have in place are my Olivina hand lotion, a tray to place my rings and bracelets, a coaster for my water and my favorite framed photo of my girls. 

When organizing your side table you need to think about what suits your routine.  Lighting is key but then do you use lotions, need a clock, do you read before bed and have space for your book?

A vase for flowers is a nice treat to ourselves.  It gives me a smile to walk into my room and see flowers or wake up to them.


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

A side table with shelves keeps books and magazines organized if you like to read before bed.  What’s the latest novel your into?


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

A lovely candle and a catch all bowl or dish.  I also like a box to keep special photos or mementos in that I can look at in a quiet moment.  I also like a water carafe with glass and a coaster to protect your table.


 Here are some of my nightstand necessities:

bedside carafe

Photo courtesy of Pinterest



















































160696 Ginkgo Candle MED RES

Michael Aram

















Coasters mouch

Images d’ Orient



Let us know what is your MUST HAVE on your night stand.




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