"What do I do with my sliding glass doors?"

I have been asked on countless occasions by customers, “What do I do with my sliding glass doors for privacy?”  In Florida, and same goes for other warm weather states, nine out of ten homes have sliding glass doors.  In a lot of homes they open up to a pool area, or an outdoor living space, and the view is an important element when designing and specifying the appropriate window treatment.  We don’t want to sacrifice the view of the beautiful outdoor setting, but we still need privacy and sun protection. 

Verticals, horizontal blinds, and plantation shutters can be used on sliding glass doors.  These treatments certainly will provide the privacy needed and protect the furnishings inside, but because of the nature of these treatments they will block part of the view to the outdoors. 



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Drapery panels and woven wood blinds offer protection and privacy, but they can take up a lot of space on the window.   If there is enough wall space on each side of the slider, the draperies or woven wood panels could stack on the wall, which would not compete with the landscape.  Added bonus – your window will look larger.

Cellular shades, which can be vertical or horizontal, are another option.  These block very little if any of the windows when they are closed, and can be easily covered with a top treatment or stationary drapery panels.



Now over to you, my lovely readers – what are on your sliders???




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