Halloween has become a favorite holiday to celebrate.   Many of us decorate the inside and outside of our homes with skeletons, spiders, scary ghosts, and spooky creatures and of course jack o lanterns to prepare for the return of young trick or treaters to our door on Halloween. 

But do you know the reason for the festivities and why it is tradition to dress in costumes, preferably scary costumes?  I always thought it was just to welcome the fall season, and collect lots of candy.


Originally it comes from the Celtic festival known as Samhain (pronounced Sow-in).  It is a celebration of the coming New Year, which begins November 1.  The Celtic believed that on the eve before New Year, the souls and ghosts of the dead would return to earth.  By dressing in animal skins and masks, they hoped to keep the spirits of the deceased away.

Over time their practices evolved and mixed with other traditions and celebrations, which then eventually became known as All-Hallows Eve, or as we know it today – Halloween.

Just a couple more days to prepare for the celebration, are you ready??? If not, here are a some images from Pinterest to help get you inspired. Check out all of our boards on Pinterest.




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