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Back again!!!!! Sorry for ignoring you all for the past couple weeks, I wish I could say I was on a fabulous trip to a tropical island, but not the case.  Just really busy with new customers!

In October our showroom was transformed with the arrival of our beautiful furniture from CR Laine, you can read about it here.  Over these last couple months we have found that when we are helping customers with choosing the ideal sofa, we always recommend:

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Neutral Fabric! Go with a neutral for more flexibility. It will allow you to change out accent colors in the future – if you decide in 5 years that your yellow pillows and accent pieces no longer make you happy, no problem, replace them with your new “happy” color.   

I continually see beautiful images of white or cream sofas in magazines.  These are not always the most practical, but as I mentioned before here, fabrics treated with the revolutionary technology – Nano Tex, lets us have our white sofa, because the surface of the fabric is permanently protected from stains.


 CR Laine

Choose a Durable Fabric! You want to live on your sofa not just look at it.  On the back of most fabric samples the manufacturer lists the number of “double rubs”.  The higher the number the more durable the fabric.

The standard test in the US is the Wyzenbeek method.  It is referred to as the “rub test”, as people often ask how many “double rubs” a fabric passes.  The fabric is tested by a machine that rubs it back and forth against another fabric to determine the ability of the fabric to resist surface wear.

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Pick A Classic Shape! Concentrate on the silhouette. Classic shapes never go out of style. There are endless choices of legs, arms, cushions and other details.

CD8800-2E_CD8805RS_V3_1013CR Laine

Invest in a hardwood frame.  It is sturdy and durable.  Soft woods and medium density fiberboard frames may be less expensive, but they will not last.

If you are considering purchasing any upholstered or leather furniture pieces, please stop by and see the exquisite craftsmanship and experience the comfort of CR Laine!!!

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