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I love to entertain at the holidays but running a retail store gives me limited time so I really need to plan ahead.  Sitting down to enjoy the meal with family and friends should be a fun and relaxing time for everyone and if the host is not having fun then no one will.  So be sure to take the time in planning the meal and your table setting.

A few weeks before the holiday take stock of your dinnerware and think about how many people you will be serving.  If you don’t have enough of one pattern think about how you can mix together what you do have.  Vintage and contemporary mixed, an assortment of colors, all can be fun.  Different settings creates interest and gets everyone talking!

Keep your centerpiece low, your guests don’t want to feel isolated from those on the other side of the table.  Use lots of candles to set a mood, mix votives and candles of all shapes and sizes throughout the table.  Freezing candles for at least 2 hours will help keep the wax from dripping.

Keeping it simple is elegant…

Table setting Martha Stewart

photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Use a mix of greenery down the center of the table and incorporate the candles, flowers or ornaments. You can get some fresh greenery cuttings from a local tree lot or the local garden store.

Table setting greeneryTabel Setting votives












Place cards are always a nice touch, put them at the center of each place setting and if you have people who don’t know each other place the guest name on both sides of the card so it can be read across the table.  I like the idea of using an ornament to hold the card, then it can be a gift to take home as a memory for your guest’s tree the next year.

table setting ornament

Table setting place cards

Set your table the night before or sooner.  Place sticky notes on spots where things may have to go closer to serving so you don’t forget.

Last year I placed a Table Topic at each guest’s seat and it was a great way to get a conversation going and we all seemed to discover something new about each of our family, friends!

Table topics Family

Use fruits in various ways, a bowl or basket with pears, apples, pomegranates, and of one of my favorites, oranges!


photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

 And if you burn the bread just remember it is not all about the meal, it is about taking the time to enjoy your family and friends!


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