Best fabric for upholstery

5381RS_1010 I have always wanted a cream color sofa in my family room, but……..a light color is not the most practical for a family of five and two dogs.  It’s not so much the family, but the dogs. It doesn’t matter if I pile pillows on the cushions, or stand the bottom cushions upright, the dogs ALWAYS find a way to sleep on it.  Yes, I have covered the sofa with a sheet or a blanket, but they mess it up so they can have a more comfortable night sleep.

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My fabric prayers have been answered, Kravet now offers a finish for all of their fabrics called Nano-Tex.  The surface of the fabric is PERMANENTLY protected from stains. Red wine, soda, chocolate, and coffee will bead up and roll off.  


Nano-Tex technology allows the fabric to maintain its natural beauty and hand, you cannot even see or feel the finish.  It also increases the durability of the fabric, making it a perfect choice for upholstery fabric.


THANK YOU Kravet!!!  Now I can have my cream or white color sofa, without worrying about how it will look in a couple months.

PS – All the photos are courtesy of CR Laine.  Visit our showrooms, we are Brandon’s exclusive dealer of CR Laine furniture.



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