Should I Reupholster or buy New?


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We’ve all asked this question when we’re looking at tired, well used and/or outdated pieces of furniture?  My customers actually ask me this every week.  In my own home I have recovered two of our sofas twice over the last 25 years. Every now and then I like to change the color of my formal living room so the sofa got an update too!  My family room sofa took a beating through the years with 3 kids, 2 dogs and husband but I love the shape and size so it has also been reupholstered a couple times.  (On a side note if you want to read about the best fabric to use for reupholstering click here.)

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Each time I consider reupholstering I ask myself three basic questions.

Is this the perfect piece for the room?  Do I really love this sofa or chair, and is it ideal for the room and for our lifestyle?  Do I like the style and lines of the furniture and is it functional? 



 Is this a quality piece?

 What is my budget?

Some things just can’t be replaced after all you bought them for a reason. It doesn’t always have to make sense. In my home, some of our furniture came from family, flea market finds and some pieces were high end purchases for which I saved for months. I find the sentimental pieces impossible to let go. The higher end purchases are better redone than replaced as the quality was meant to last for lifetime and I intend them to last for mine.


That “B” word is important. Everyone has a budget but I have found that in most cases a good quality new piece is going to cost more than reupholstering an existing piece.


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So before you go and reupholster that chair or sofa, make sure you ask yourself these questions and if you need any help with fabric choices or new furniture selection – you  can always come and visit me Kiss!

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