Are all Neutrals Created Equal?

Tassel's Interiors

Tassel’s Interiors

The answer is ! NOOOOO Absolutely NOT!  Not all beiges are the same, and the same goes for white, grey, and taupe colors.  When consulting with customers in my store, I always ask “what color are your walls?” Often times the response I get, “just a beige or tan” or “similar to this color” while pointing to a fabric.  So my next question always is “do you remember the name of the paint color or manufacturer?”  If I’m lucky, they know the exact name.  Then I pullout one of my several paint decks, and look at the exact color.  Remember, if you’re not going to change the color of the rug and/or walls, that’s fine, but I need the specific color so I can identify the “undertone” and take you on a positive decorating journey.

What’s undertone, you ask.  Well, I have to start by saying that all neutral colors have an undertone.  It may be pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow or green.  If you’re mixing different neutral undertones, whether it is a combination of paint, fabrics, flooring or hard finishes, it could result in a disaster.  Trust me it’s really sad.

Here’s an example:


The tile is an orange-beige versus the paint (it may be Benjamin Moore HC-48, not sure though) which has a very PINK undertone.  YUK!!!

For the past four years I have been studying Maria Killam’s system for identifying undertones in neutrals. Maria is an internationally sought after color expert, design blogger, author, trainer, decorator, and stylist. I have been following her on her blog, I have read and re-read her book How to choose paint colors – It’s all in the Undertones, and attended (via webinar) a summer boot camp related to identifying undertones.  It was invaluable!  So invaluable that I have already made my first New Year’s resolution.  I’m going to attend one of Maria’s three day training seminars and become Tampa Bay’s go-to “True Color Expert”.

Tassel's Interiors

Tassel’s Interiors

Click here if you would like to purchase Maria’s book How to choose paint colors – It’s all in the Undertones, and begin your journey into the world of undertones.


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