Made in the USA – Buyer's Market Philly

Ugone Thomas Booth PhillyPhoto by Debbie Ploor

I attended the Buyers Market, “The American Made Show” this past weekend in Philadelphia in search of new and different pieces for Orange.  The Buyers Market is comprised of artists from the United States and Canada.  To exhibit at the show each artist is evaluated on their designs, quality of work and uniqueness.  All of the pieces are handmade in the US and Canada and each artist had to be present to represent their work.  Being able to meet the artist and understand the inspiration for their designs gives such a greater meaning to the pieces.  I can see the personality’s reflected in their work and feel a connection to the pieces I was drawn to.

I would like to showcase to you an artist team I have admired for many years and I have carried their designs since I opened my store.  Yes, I was looking for new and different but Ugone and Thomas always have new designs that inspire me and make me smile.  Janna Ugone and Justin Thomas have been creating beautiful objects for 27 years.  Janna began her career as a jewelry maker and then delved into pottery and a love of mixed media was discovered.  Justin began as Janna’s manager but the draw of both their creativity and inventiveness created an amazing partnership in design.

Ugone and Thomas

Janna Ugone and Justin Thomas – Photo courtesy of Ugone and Thomas

Inspired by natural forms, travel, honest materials and a genuine passion for handmade in the USA, Ugone and Thomas have created a line of distinctive lamps and home furnishing accents that work in any setting, from traditional to contemporary. 

“From incorporating reclaimed materials to merging traditional artist processes with innovative technology, we continually strive to present fresh ideas”, says designers Janna & Justin. 

ugone & Thomas Journey

Journey in Ecru Lamp via Pinterest

The lamp shades are first hand painted and collaged and then reproduced by the giclee process.  Copper, slate and pewter material are used for the base, finials and pulls.  The sculptural details in the finials and pulls add that special charm.

Ugone and Thomas Wall Clock

World Map Clock via Ugone and Thomas

The wall clock is created using a giclee combined with various painting and collage techniques. The edge of each piece is hand painted in a combed texture in a beautiful, complimentary color. Each clock is signed, dated and hallmarked with a cast pewter charm.

Ugone & Thomas lazy susan

Photo by Debbie Ploor

All of Ugone and Thomas designs can be incorporated into most all of their pieces.  This design I ordered in a lazy susan but it can become a table, lamp shade or mirror. 

Ugone and Thomas mirror

Photo by Debbie Ploor

I have one of their lamps in my house and I just love it.  Works perfectly in my family room….Ok, not the best photo but you get the picture!

ugone & thomas lamp at homePhoto by Debbie Ploor

Since the items I ordered at market are all handmade it will take 4 to 6 weeks for them to arrive.  I am excited about a few new artists I met and will give you a profile on another one in particular very soon.



My entourage in Philly – daughters Sarah, Allison and brother Dan!





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