The Looking Glass


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The history of mirrors dates back to ancient times when mankind first saw reflections in a river or pond and were considered magic.  Today I could not imagine leaving the home without checking in the mirror.  Although sometimes I am not sure who that woman looking back at me is…what do you mean I am not 39 anymore, where is the magic?

We use our mirrors each day to put our best face forward before stepping out the door. But a mirror does so much more.  It reflects the personality of our home, adds brightness and adds space to a room that you want to visually expand, they reflect and emphasize views and the colors of art in the room.  Mirrors are like windows that can be moved around!

mirror house beautiful entryHouse Beautiful via Pinterest

Proper hanging can make a huge difference in how they reflect areas of a room.  They will enhance the design of a room or can ruin it if not hung properly.  You need to be careful when placing them to not have an undesirable reflection.

This mirror above reflects the art over the mantel and light from the chandelier on the opposite wall.

mirror entryway House BeautifulHouse Beautiful via Pinterest

A mirror in an entry way is great for a last minute check as you go out the door but it will also bring in the sunlight and give a small space a bigger feel.

Although I think mirrors can be hung at any height when using as art, like over a fireplace, there is a proper height position to use for viewing your image…in that case they should be hung according to the average eye level. Hang mirrors with the centers approximately five feet from the floor and they will look appropriately placed to most people. 

mirrors wood pinterestunknown via Pinterest

Framed mirrors in a bathroom give a designed feel to the space!

mirror art Lucy & Company - CopyLucy and Company

Mirrors are wonderful art pieces.

mirrors pinterest

unknown via Pinterest

Full size mirrors resting on the floor make a dramatic statement in a small space.  Vertical will draw the eye up giving the room height as well as depth.  A large vertical mirrors work well in a living room, bedroom or at the end of a hallway.

mirror outside House BeautifulHouse Beautiful via Pinterest

Using a mirror outside will make the space feel more like a room and gives visual interest with the landscape in the reflection.

mirror dining room elle decor 1

Elle Décor via Pinterest

Keep scale in mind…Mirrors come in all sizes, this scale works with the large dining table.  I love mirrors in a dining room.  They reflect candle light giving a romantic feel. 

Mirrors Stray Dog DesignsStray Dog Designs

Stray Dog Designs creates mirrors with personality.  Artistic and colorful, these will make a happy statement in a room.

Mirror Made Goods NY NOW

Photo by Debbie Ploor – New York Now Show

mirrors Roost NY Now

Photo by Debbie Ploor – Roost metal mirrors New York Now Show

mirror Ugone Philly Show

Photo by Debbie Ploor – Buyers Market Show in Philadelphia

Other great ways to incorporate mirrors:  Utilize small mirrors on a shelf to add interest to a grouping of objects, mirrored furniture enhances a space, various sizes and shapes hung on a wall create an art feature.

Let us know how you have used mirrors in your home.

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