You can find inspiration anywhere.  I recently returned from a trip to London and Ireland and was taken in by all the beauty and fun use of color at every turn.  From man made to the countryside it all made me smile…


This bright bird was recently placed as a temporary art installation in Trafalgar Square by a German Artist, Katharina Fritsch.  It is intended as a playful counterpoint to the statues of martial hero’s statues in the square.  Both ultramarine blue and the rooster are symbols of France, whose defeat by Britain at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 gave the square its name.  Now that is a POP of color!

londonflowers Another bright blue experience.  Of course we found pubs a plenty and enjoyed the fish and chips!  How about those flowers, you would see them on every building and street side.  Flowers are always an easy way to freshen up and add color to the inside of your home.


You can’t go to London without going to Harrods!!  We had so much fun, I could have stayed there for a full day.  Floor after floor of beautiful items.  I spent most of my time in the Home Décor section and discovered many items that I carry at Orange!  And the Food Hall was a gourmet’s delight and not to be missed!


The green lush land of Ireland is so breath taking.  Received the lovely lambs wool blanket on my shoulder as a gift while there.  The colors in the blanket have inspired me for an update to my daughters room at home. 


A little Pop of Orange can brighten any space!

This photo was taken in the Gardens at Dromoland Castle.

Thank you for letting me share some colorful moments of my trip…



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