How to identify your Decorating Style

We all struggle with identifying our own personal style, and incorporating it into our living spaces to make them a reflection ourselves.  My tastes tend to lean toward a more traditional style, and Debbie is more contempory.  One of my favorite designers Tobi Fairley has a unique twist on traditional by incorporating bright colors in the mix. 



Check out and subscribe to her blog, Tobi’s blog.  She is a MUST read for me everyday!!!!

Another favorite is Phoebe Howard!  Her elegant, and southern traditional style transcends time.    Check out Phoebe Howard’s blog.phoebe1


Here are a couple suggestions for you to help identify your personal style and furnish your home with what brings you happiness.

  • Rip out pictures from shelter magazines of rooms and items you like.  You will find yourself gravitating to certain colors and styles.
  • Take inventory of existing items in your home that you love.  EDIT YOUR LIVING SPACE!!  Replace the items in your home that you no longer want or have no significant meaning.

We would love to hear about your decorating style!!!!

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