Have you heard of Chip it?


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Recently I found this great app called Chip it, from one of my favorite paint companies – Sherwin Williams.  Chip It will transform any picture into a color palette from over 1500 Sherwin Williams paint colors. 

How fun is this!!!   All you have to do is download the app, and you can use any on-line image or a personal photo to create a color palette. 


I have wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets for a long time. I first mentioned this project hereBut, it has taken some time to figure out a color that both Bob and I agree upon.  When it comes to my home, I will step out of my box, but Bob is a bit more conservative.  So I gathered several pictures of kitchens with painted cabinets to help him visualize what they will look like with a color on them, versus the stained cabinets we currently have.  

This was by far my favorite!!   

scan0001Interior design by Meg Braff

Although I can’t do a green kitchen, I could do blue!  The blue in our beautiful Thibaut wallpaper will be perfect to update my cabinets.  So I scanned a sample of the wall paper and uploaded it to my Chip it account and VOILA here is the color palette.

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My next step will be to get the paint samples and paint a board.  As I posted here, the only way to accurately choose the correct paint color is to paint a sample board.  The boards will show me how the paint color will look at different times of the day.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress on this project. 

Here is the color palette for a master bedroom I am working on for a customer.  The main fabric we chose for the draperies and some pillows have soothing shades of cream, grey and taupe.  Techno gray and nonchalant white are right on with the fabric.  I can’t wait to try these in her room.

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This is a fabric I am using in a client’s office!  The name of the fabric is Sulu and it is from Thibaut’s Monterey collection.  I LOVE the Sherwin Williams 6394 Sequin for her walls.

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It is also a great tool to use if you are considering a new color palette for project in your home.  Find some pictures of anything that appeals to you and CHIP IT!   Accents of lime green in a electric blue room? 010a63b8ca41d2aec5ff3816d40d795avia Pinterest

Or how about a bedroom in shades of turquoise?

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Any color with animal print is a winner!

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Shades of red, coral and pink with an accent of cobalt blue – LOVE!!!

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Give it a try, and share some of your color palettes with us!! 

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