What do CR Laine and "Breaking Bad" have in Common?

CD8800-2E_CD8805RS_V3_1013Photo Courtesy of CR Laine

In my world, the common threads between these two are my OBSESSION and the QUALITY and INTEGRITY of both.  I am so excited and absolutely love all this GORGEOUS CR Laine furniture in my store.  Each piece is handcrafted and is as solid and trouble free as they are designed to be.  CR Laine’s high level of dedication to quality and service continues as the company grows at a phenomenal rate. 


The writers and actors of Breaking Bad did an unbelievable job of capturing a stunningly large audience, the finale hit 10.3 million viewers.  This compared to the fourth season, which delivered only 1.9 viewers.  

This critically acclaimed series has renewed my faith in quality television programming.  I am embarrassed to say, until recently my TV viewing revolved only around Bravo!  I was hooked on all the Housewives shows and Andy Cohen.  I realize now there is so much more.

I do have to admit, I am a late comer to the game!  It has taken me a few years to find high quality upholstered and leather furniture pieces at an affordable price for my customers.  And I didn’t start watching Breaking Bad until the beginning of the 5th season.  But I could not be more excited with both decisions. 

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