Choosing the Right Paint Color


All of us at one time or another have made color mistakes on our walls.  Back in the 90’s when faux painting was gaining popularity, and everyone was ragging and sponging their walls, I got caught up in the momentum and ragged my formal living room walls in my home in Georgia.

Not the brightest idea for a couple of reasons.  Number one – I used red paint, and number two, I had no experience with ragging.  I read some books and ran with the idea.  The result – the walls appeared as if there was a mass homicide in the room and blood splattered all over the walls.  Bob and the girls still will not let me forget this one.  Kiss

Over the years I have learned a thing or two about choosing the right application and paint color.  Here are some important tips to follow when you are choosing paint color for your home.

Tip number 1

Hire a professional for faux painting.  Unless you have amazing artistic talent leave the faux painting to a professional.  A good faux faux finish usually involves several layers of paint and glaze for the desired look.  Not something you can learn overnight from a book!

fauxpaintvia Pinterest

Tip number 2

Start with an inspiration piece.  Inspiration pieces can be anything that you love and want to incorporate into the room.  Many times the inspiration piece is a fabric, rug, or a piece of artwork.  Or maybe it is an image you found on Pinterest. This image inspired me to use red accents in my bedroom, and create a wall of photos in red frames.  Click here to read more ideas on inspiration pieces.


redframesvia Pinterest

Tip number 3

Do not choose your color from a paint chip.  Paint chips are too small to accurately gauge whether the color has the right tone or hue for the room and its furnishings.  And the paint chip decks are mass produced, so they are only copies of the color!!! 


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Tip number 4

Purchase paint samples of the colors you think will work in the room.  All the paint companies and big box stores sell small containers of the actual paint colors at a minimal cost.  Purchase the paint samples and paint a sample board.  I have 100+ sample boards I use when I am specifying paint colors for my customers.  The boards can be moved around the room easily to determine if the color, tone and hue are correct.

paintboardsvia Pinterest

Tip number 5

Don’t paint splotches on the wall of your room with your sample paint colors.  This will just confuse you and make it harder for you to determine if the color is right one.

splotch2via Pinterest 

Tip number 6

Look at your paint color boards under different lighting conditions in the room.  The time of the day, the season, the weather, all will influence your lighting and make a difference in your choice.


Tip number 7

Don’t ignore the undertones!!!   If you want to learn more about undertones read this post here. undertones

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Tip number 8

Don’t try to match your colors too closely.  When colors are too matchy matchy, your room will lack depth and dimension.  It is visually more appealing and interesting if your colors blend well together.  I love all the shades of pink in this room designed by Jamie Drake.jamiedrake

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And last but not least, if you would like help choosing the right paint colors for your rooms please call me to set up an appointment.

Just a reminder spots are filling up fast for our design seminar “Add Zest to your Nest”!  If you would like to join us for an evening of design please let us know in the comments below or call me or Debbie – 813 651-9010 or 813 681-8686.

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