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Are you Spring Cleaning your Window Treatments?

Lately It seems as though I have been bombarded with blog posts and magazine articles dedicated to tips and tricks for spring cleaning indoor and outdoor living areas!!   Just look at Pinterest – you will find hundreds of tips, check lists, instructions, challenges, and products.  I even wrote about the origins a few years back here.… Continue reading

Can't get enough of Blue


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It is no secret to anyone my all-time favorite color is BLUE!  My first car was blue, my first sofa was blue, first suit in the corporate world was blue.  I love it so much my bedroom and dining room ceilings are cobalt blue!   

Blue is a very easy color to live with,… Continue reading

Top Window Treatments for 2013 – Part 3

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It’s that time of the year again – time to pack up the holiday decorations!  All the trees, wreaths, lights, ornaments, stockings, nut crackers will get carefully boxed up and stored away until next holiday season.

I don’t know about you, but my house always feels a little empty and sparse after the decorations are… Continue reading


Every few years a fabric stops me dead in my tracks.  I want to jump up and down, wrap myself up in it, and show it to everyone I know!  This sounds extreme, but I do have ONE weakness, FABRIC!!!  And I have to admit – I am a fabric-holic!!!

In April I was at the High… Continue reading


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We all need an inspiration piece to start a room design.  It could be a piece of fabric, painting, rug, or a picture from a magazine.  Maybe it’s an image captured while travelling. Our options are ENDLESS!!!  One of my favorite rooms of all time,… Continue reading