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I’m Back!!!!


Hopefully, by now you have received my letter announcing –  Tassels has moved to my home!!!  With all three girls gone I just couldn’t leave Bob home alone 6 days a week. I expanded my studio in our house to include more design space and brought my fabric books, trims and samples home.

It’s week 3 and… Continue reading

Do you have a Cluttered Desk?

via The Telegraph

I  like to think I am creative, at least that is the excuse I am going to use when it comes to my desk at Orange. My desk is what some would consider a disorganized mess….and they would be correct. Although I do know where everything is in my office lately is was getting harder to… Continue reading

Veni, Vidi, Vici

We went, we saw, we conquered – Atlanta’s famous Scott Antique Market!!  For design and antique enthusiasts, this show (held the second weekend of every month) is a MUST GO destination!  Two large exposition buildings with 3500 exhibitor booths, filled with treasures for everyone.

  My friend and I Dana, left on Thursday evening and was there… Continue reading

My Fabric Crush – Fortuny


A few years ago I purchased my first Fortuny fabric, and I have been in love and obsessed with them since.  I frequently scour Ebay and other online sites to try to find pieces to add to my stash.  (I know it’s an addiction – I’ll be the first to admit I’m a FABRIC-HOLIC… Continue reading

New Beginnings….for families in our Community

Its spring and new beginnings are all around us.  New leaves on the trees, flowers of all colors popping up, spring weddings and the time of year to re-new our homes for a fresh start.

I am very grateful that I have a beautiful home I can re-fresh.  Many families do not have that luxury…yet. I hope you… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning – yay or nay????

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Now that the calendar says spring, how many of you have started the annual ritual of spring cleaning?????  Sounds like a good idea!!!  But why do we choose spring to take care of these extra chores?  And who came up with the idea that we needed to clean our homes when spring arrives? … Continue reading

Add a little Zest to your Nest – Chatting with Cari Majors!

How many of you, my lovely readers, have inherited pieces of furniture from friends and family members?   Sometimes we acquire these pieces willingly and other times unwillingly – we just get stuck with them. 

The big question arises – what should we do with these treasured heirlooms?  Here are the usual options – can they be… Continue reading

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