It’s that time of the year again!!!  Time for the bi-annual High Point Furniture Market!  The market every interior designer needs to attend.  The High Point Market is the largest home furnishings trade show in the world, with 11.5 million square feet of show space!  This means, I need to pull out my comfy shoes… Continue reading

Add a little Zest to your Nest – Chatting with Cari Majors!

How many of you, my lovely readers, have inherited pieces of furniture from friends and family members?   Sometimes we acquire these pieces willingly and other times unwillingly – we just get stuck with them. 

The big question arises – what should we do with these treasured heirlooms?  Here are the usual options – can they be… Continue reading

Shopping for a New Sofa?


CR Laine

Back again!!!!! Sorry for ignoring you all for the past couple weeks, I wish I could say I was on a fabulous trip to a tropical island, but not the case.  Just really busy with new customers!

In October our showroom was transformed with the arrival of our beautiful furniture from CR Laine, you can… Continue reading

Should I Reupholster or buy New?

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We’ve all asked this question when we’re looking at tired, well used and/or outdated pieces of furniture?  My customers actually ask me this every week.  In my own home I have recovered two of our sofas twice over the last 25 years. Every now and then I like to change the color of my formal… Continue reading

Resolve to Add Zest to Your Nest!

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

The New Year is here and some of us have made Resolutions to better ourselves in some way, but what about our homes?  The Christmas decorations are packed away and as we look around the house our rooms look bare.  It is a good feeling, like when you purge your closet and can… Continue reading


Photo Courtesy of CR Laine

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!  We have exciting news to share with everyone – our beautiful furniture from CR Laine is arriving!!!!!

Needless to say we have been working really, really hard for the last couple weeks to make room for everything.  Moving fabric, building shelves, and editing sample books, has consumed our lives.… Continue reading


Every few years a fabric stops me dead in my tracks.  I want to jump up and down, wrap myself up in it, and show it to everyone I know!  This sounds extreme, but I do have ONE weakness, FABRIC!!!  And I have to admit – I am a fabric-holic!!!

In April I was at the High… Continue reading

Get Cozy with a Throw for Fall

The warm secure feeling of being wrapped in a blanket is like no other.  We are wrapped up in a blanket when we come into this world and to this day when I wrap myself in my favorite throw I feel warm, calm and secure.  Even living in Florida a throw is essential, especially if your home is… Continue reading