Can't get enough of Blue


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It is no secret to anyone my all-time favorite color is BLUE!  My first car was blue, my first sofa was blue, first suit in the corporate world was blue.  I love it so much my bedroom and dining room ceilings are cobalt blue!   

Blue is a very easy color to live with, it has been described as calm and soothing.  Color expert, Kate Smith from Sensational Color  has described blue as “trustworthy, dependable, and committed.  Blue is the least “gender specific” color, having equal appeal to both men and women.”

Blue is also one of the most popular paint colors in the US.  Recently Benjamin Moore announced their choice for Color of the Year for 2014 “Breath of Fresh Air”.  The company has described it as a”…gorgeous, ethereal blue serving as a “new neutral” that is livable and functional.”

benmoorebluephoto courtesy of Benjamin Moore

I recently have changed all the bedding in my room and installed new window treatments.  My “inspiration piece” was this gorgeous embroidered fabric from Thibaut

w713014-arturodamask-zmPhoto courtesy of Thibaut


I promise I will have some better pics for you soon, I am still waiting on a couple items to finish the room.  But in the meantime, I’ll show you the table cover we made with the fabric.  Look at this great lamp – it’s the Delilah lamp from Robert Abbey.  It comes in  24 different color ways, this one is midnight blue.  Although I love this lamp I wanted to add more red accents so I am waiting on a couple Pike lamps, also from Robert Abbey to be shipped next month.  Here is a picture of the lamp in the bone color.


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My next project will be my kitchen cabinets!!

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What do you think, should I paint them BLUE???

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