Bring the Indoors Outside

Can you feel it in the air???  They say we have a cool front coming this weekend and in Florida just a few degrees can make a difference.  This is the time of year we look forward to opening up our windows and sliders for either entertaining or just a quiet place to retreat, so why not make it a comfortable space to enjoy.  After all our outdoor space is an extension of our home.

Use mirrors to reflect you’re landscaping.outdoor mirror

This is something I should have done…keep your cushions neutral and add a punch of color with pillows.  It is much easier and economical to change out your pillows each season for a fresh look.  Also, add color with potted plants.

outdoor patio house beautiful

Floor lamps, table lamps or a cool chandelier can set the mood. And a rug gives the space that warmth of a home. 

Outdoor space by Lucy and Company

Photo Lucy and Company

Stray Dog Mirror and pendant

Stray dog mirror and chandelier, just love their work, indoors and outside they make a statement!

If you don’t have an overhang you can get creative,


Or just set an intimate space to enjoy a glass of wine with friends or sip your coffee in the morning…



Share with us your outdoor space or ideas.  Barb and I love to hear from you!


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