Are you Spring Cleaning your Window Treatments?

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Lately It seems as though I have been bombarded with blog posts and magazine articles dedicated to tips and tricks for spring cleaning indoor and outdoor living areas!!   Just look at Pinterest – you will find hundreds of tips, check lists, instructions, challenges, and products.  I even wrote about the origins a few years back here

Ughhhhhhh, like many of us, NOT my favorite thing to do! 

Although in Florida, spring really is the best time, before the hot, hot, hot weather BLASTS us.

First on my list are my window treatments!  I have been asked countless times during client consultations, what is the best way to clean your window treatments?  Here are some general guidelines.

 Faux wood blind and shutters – should be dusted periodically.  I’ve heard some people say they take the faux wood blinds down and hose down in the driveway or wash in the bathtub.  One risk of this method is damage. 

Tassel's Interiors

Tassel’s Interiors

Cellular blinds – use your vacuum with the brush attachment, and set your suction setting to low.  Another trick – use your hair dryer to rid your blinds of those pesky bugs that get caught in between the folds.


Cellular shade

Cellular shade

Fabric treatments – draperies, valances, roman shades, cornices – The best method is dusting and a light vacuum.  If they are stained, my recommendation would be to take down and bring to a reputable dry cleaner.  Not a good idea to launder at home, this can lead to shrinkage and fading. 

If you notice your window treatments looking a little tired and dull, maybe it’s time for some new ones!!!  The average lifespan of colors and trends usually is around 7 to 10 years.  It may be time to freshen them up and add a new twist to your windows.
Tassel's Interiors

Tassel’s Interiors

I wish my closet was as easy to clean as blinds, shutter, and draperies!!!!

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