10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Holiday Party


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I don’t think anyone is interested in window treatments with the holidays upon us, so I thought I would digress and share some tips for hosting a successful holiday party.  As a host/hostess you always want to make your guests feel comfortable and happy, these ideas will not only make their visit more memorable but also enjoyable.

Keep appetizers to one bite – It’s much easier for guests to circulate and mingle with others.


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Always do party favors – Guests love leaving with a little something.   Candy bars are always colorful and fun, everyone can leave with a bag of their favorites.


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Set up a beverage cart for your guests to mix and pour their own drinks.  As soon as your guests arrive, point them in the direction of the beverages so they can get comfortable immediately.


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Be creative with your centerpiece – create one out of holiday ornaments or seasonal fruit and vegetables.


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Don’t forget about the guest bathroom!!!  Make sure it is stocked with all the necessities; your guests will appreciate it.


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Always plan for more!!  It is much better to have leftovers than guests to go home hungry.


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Instead of one dessert – have an assortment of colorful holiday cookies and treats.


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If you don’t have time to create a playlist of music, log on to Pandora.com.  This service has two subscription plans, a free one supported by advertisements, and a fee-based subscription without ads.

As Debbie mentioned here – freeze your candles for two days prior.  The freezing will help eliminate messy dripped wax on your linens and furniture.


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Last but not least Have FUN!!!  If you are having fun, so will everyone else!


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